Little Girl's Shrug

April 14, 2017


little girls shrug berroco comfort

Our Project Inspiration this week is for a really adorable Little Girl's Shrug by Knitting Pure and Simple.  It's a sweater we've had in the store since we opened, but we reknit it in Berroco Comfort in a cheery berry color, and finished it off with a ceramic button handmade and painted by A Merry Heart, a local company run by a customer!  Knitting Pure and Simple writes a really good pattern for sweaters, making it a great option if you're wanting to try your first sweater.  This shrug is very customizable to have longer sleeves or a longer body to make it more of a sweater.   

We chose Berroco Comfort because it is a really good for little ones.  It's blend of Fine Acrylic and Fine Nylon which makes it very incredibly soft and washable.  It comes in a palette of vibrant colors and also pastels. 

Holiday Print Ornament

December 18, 2016

mini sock cascade heritage prints


There's still time to whip up a cute mini sock that is equally cute as an ornament or a clever gift card holder.  We knit this out of Cascade's Heritage Prints in the holiday colorway.  It will be sure to bring a smile to whoever receives it!


Malabrigo Caracol

August 11, 2016

Malabrigo has done it again with its introduction of Caracol, a truly unique yarn! It starts with a bulky thick-and-thin single ply made of delightfully soft superwash merino wool, which is then criss-crossed with a binder thread that contains the "poof" of single ply and adds a fabulous texture.  The yarn is dyed in Malabrigo’s signature kettle-dyed colorways to make a spectular yarn, reminiscent of a hand spun. Caracol knits up into a cozy, fluffy fabric with a ton of texture and visual interest, letting simple stitch patterns really sing! 

We knit Marian by Jane Richmond for the store sample.  The drape and texture of this popular cowl is absolutely beautiful and will quickly become a go-to choice for quick holiday gifts!
                           Malabrigo Caracol Aniverario Nitro Knitters     Malabrigo Caracol Archangel

It’s all about the Square…Needle That Is!

March 26, 2015

At first glance many people wonder how round knitting stitches can come off square needles.  Knitting needles are supposed to be round, right?  There’s a couple companies that are now making square needles.  Why the change?  Knitters who use the square needles say they can knit longer with less hand fatique.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Many people who may have arthritis, nerve damage, or their hands cramp while knitting find their hands are more comfortable while using square needles.  The thought behind it is that the flat parts of the needles allow the fingers to have more of a grip without gripping hard.  Others find that their gauge becomes more even.  


If your curiosity is piqued and you would like to try square needles for yourself, come by Nitro.  We carry Knitter’s Pride Platina Cubics, which are hollow brass tubes plated with chrome for a smooth finish and have a very sharp point.  They are available in fixed circulars and interchangeable.  We even have a demo pair for you to hold before buying.  Maybe you will find your new favorite knitting tool!