Barley Hat

January 19, 2017

Project Inspiration
Sometimes you see a hat on somebody and you immediately know you need to make it! That's what happened when we saw the Barley Hat by tincanknits made out of Cascade Color Duo.  The way the subtle color stripe plays out in the hat and the drape of the alpaca for the slouchiness of the hat is wonderful.  The alpaca also makes it knit up super cozy and warm.  This is a great pattern for a variety of 
Color Duo is a very soft blend of baby alpaca and merino that is colored in shades to create a very subtly stripe, making it great for scarves and hat.

Cascade 220 Superwash Effects

September 16, 2016

This year Cascade introduced 220 Effects which has a subtle color changing.  It kind of looks like a mix of variegated and splash.  Cascade 220 is one of our favorite workhorse yarns.  It is dependable and comes in a great array of colors.  It has easy care so it make it a good choice for baby items, sweaters, blankets - really anything you want to knit.  With the addition of the Effect colors, it introduces the potential to work a solid and a variegated of the same yarn together.  The color possibilities are endless!


cascade 220 superwash effects  cascade 200 superwash effects

cascade 220 superwash effects  cascade 220 superwash effects

B to the Three by unapologetic knitter