Valentine's Day Project

February 08, 2018

sweetheart hat  isobar-hat


Every year we go on a hunt for a Valentine's Day hat that has a nod to the holiday but isn't so obvious that it can't be worn other days of the year!  This year we have two ideas.  The first is Sweetheart Hat by Deepika.  Knit out of worsted weight yarn, utilizes cables to form very soft hearts.  And then we topped it with a fabulous red Pom Pom.  We have an assortment of pom pom colors to suit any taste. 

The second one is Isobar by Plucky Knitter.  It is a garter stitch hat that is not Valentine's, but by using red yarn it becomes more festivecan be made valentine by using red yarn.  We knit ours out of Baby Llama chunky