Self-Striping Sock Yarn from Fibrelya

September 14, 2018

fibrelya self-striping sock wonderland  fibrelya self-striping sock arendelle
fibrelya self-striping sock paona  fibrelya self-striping sock antartic
We were very excited to find this hand dyed gem from Fibrelya in Québec.  This sock kit is so cleverly packaged, already wound into two balls with the starting ends wound around a tag so that both socks start at exactly the same place in the color sequence.  Then the yarn is wrapped around the two balls to showcase the color stripes so you know in what order they will knit in.  

Fibrelya is a family business, and what gives them uniqueness is that the man does the dyeing, so he looks at colors differently.  Their goal is to give customers interesting colors and something different.  We think they've done a good job of it!  These kits are available on our website.