Tomato Moon Winter Bags

$ 30.00
(Originally was $ 0.00)

A fresh collection of project bags with a wintery theme from local maker Tomato Moon!

Due to the large and rotating selection of bags, not all are online.  If You're interested in one in the group picture, please email at nitroknitters@gmail.com or call at 503-372-9318

Satellite tote: 5" w x 5" h x 4" d 
io tote: 8" L x 8" H x 4" D 
Mini Oberon tote: 8" w x 6" h x 4" d
Oberon Bucket: 9"w x 7.5" h x 4.5" d
Large Oberon Bucket: 10.5"w x 10" h x 5.5" d

Pan Pouch: 11.5" w x 4.5" h