Tomato Moon Bags

$ 35.00
(Originally was $ 0.00)

A fresh collection of project bags from local maker Tomato Moon!  These are truly one-of-a-kind creations. 

The red swirl fabric is the same, but the coordinating fabric changes.

Our selection of bags is always changing!  For up to date availability, please contact us.

Satellite tote: 5" w x 5" h x 4" d 
io tote: 8" L x 8" H x 4" D 
Mini Oberon tote: 8" w x 6" h x 4" d
Oberon Bucket: 9"w x 7.5" h x 4.5" d
Large Oberon Bucket: 10.5"w x 10" h x 5.5" d