Rigid Heddle Weaving, Wednesday July 12 & 19, 1-4pm

$ 115.00
(Originally was $ 115.00)

Instructor - Karen Sesnon

If you have ever been curious about weaving, but were hesitant to invest in a loom, these classes offer you a way to try the craft using rented looms. In this two-week class, you'll learn how to warp the loom, weave, finish, and get pointers on design. The first class will be warping the loom and learning to weave. You'll be able to take the loom home, and the second class will be removing the woven project and warping a second project if desired.

Rental Looms are Ashford Rigid Heddle looms or Ashford Knitters Looms. Use of the loom for 2 weeks is included in the price of the class. We ask that you sign a rental contract and provide a $25 refundable deposit.

Materials needed: Worsted weight yarn. 210 yds will make a cowl. 420 yards will make a scarf 7”x 70”.  We request yarn be purchased from Nitro Knitters. 

Rigid Heddle Weaving - 6 hours of class instruction, includes use of loom for 2 weeks.
Week One: 3 hours
1. Weaving terminology (while winding shuttles).
2. Warp the loom and tension the warp.
3. Weave (spreading the warp, hemstitch, how to join weft ends).

Week Two: 3 hours:
If finished, remove weaving, if not, continue weaving and troubleshoot if needed.
1. Fringe treatment, finishing the fabric.
2. Next project design warp (student led) .
3. Second project warp if desired.

**Class Policies:

In order to provide a pleasant learning environment for the entire class, students are expected to be respectful, courteous, and kind to their fellow classmates. The instructor has the right to dismiss individuals who are not maintaining a positive class dynamic.


If for some reason you have to cancel your knitting class registration, you will be issued store credit for the class amount with at least 7 days notice. With less than 7 days, there will not be a refund.

If less than 2 students are registered for a knitting class, it may be cancelled one day prior and store credit will be issued for the class fee.

Missed Classes

We understand that life gets crazy sometimes and you will occasionally miss a knitting class. Unfortunately, due to limited seating, classes cannot be made up or credited towards a future class.

By signing up for class, you are agreeing to these policies.