Ease in to Weaving, Saturday 3/18 & 25, 1-3pm

$ 65.00
(Originally was $ 0.00)

Instructor: Karen Sesnon

3-hours of class instruction - includes use of loom* for 1 week.
Week 1: 1-3pm
Week 2: 1-2pm

If you have ever been curious about weaving, but were hesitant to invest in a loom, this class offers you a way to try the craft using rented looms. The Ease in to Weaving class features a pre-warped loom so you can get right in to weaving! If you get hooked, we have a class a couple weeks later that will teach weaving from the beginning.

The looms are Ashford Rigid Heddle looms. They are the “Knitters Loom” model, which means they fold for transport even with your WIP on them. To weave you simply prop the edge of the loom on a table and rest it in your lap. They are lightweight and easy to use.

I have two looms available for your use: a 12” and a 20”. They fit into a carry bag and I will supply the other tools you need, such as shuttles. I ask that you sign a use agreement and provide a refundable deposit of $25 for use of the loom.

If you have a loom of your own you’d like to use for class, that is great. Please contact me in advance so we can discuss the type of loom you have, and if you are taking Ease into Weaving I’ll need to arrange to get your loom to warp it prior to class. These classes are limited to Rigid Heddle looms.

The best yarn to begin with is a worsted wool or acrylic. It is requested that yarn be purchased from Nitro Knitters for the class. I love Malabrigo Rios, but Nitro Knitters has several great options. If you like stripes, choose a few colors for the warp and a darker or brighter solid for the weft, for a really fun finished project. A solid tone on tone is always classic, and Rios will add color and movement that is stunning.

Class Syllabus:
Pre warped loom. Make a cowl with one skein of yarn, or a scarf with two.

Week One: 2 hours
1. Terms and how a loom works, winding your shuttle.
2. Weaving:
a. Spreading the warp
b. Hemstitch
c. Weave

Week Two: 1 hour
1. Remove cloth from the loom.
2. Trim or twist fringe.
3. Plan future projects!

Materials needed: Worsted weight yarn. 210 yds will make a cowl. 420 yards will make a scarf 7”x 70”.

*If you have your own loom the class fee is discounted by $20. Please contact the instructor with the type of loom you have in advance.