Berroco Indigo

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Indigo is a soft cotton blend with a rustic yet sophisticated look. It’s machine washable, too, meaning that garments can easily be integrated into your everyday wardrobe.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Vintage denim is sorted by color and blended with other recycled cotton fibers to create the color palette in our collection. The collected fabrics are cut into many pieces, removing the zippers and buttons. Because the fabric is pre-dyed, no dyeing is necessary, which saves water and prevents pollution. The fibers are then spun into yarn. The other 5% of fibers are the threads used for the seams and details of the denim being recycled.

FIBER: 95% Cotton / 5% Other

YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 219 yards / 100 g


GAUGE: 5-5.5 sts = 1”

NEEDLE: US 6 - 7 or 4 - 4.5mm

NOTE! Effort has been taken to represent the colors accurately, but due to differences in monitors, some colors may not show up on your computer as they actually are.