Lykke Needle Sets

January 19, 2018

Lykke Interchangeable needle set

Lykke (Norwegian for happiness) Interchangeable Sets are a weathered grey styling that’s fittingly called Driftwood, although they are made of birch, a hardwood whose durability is on par with maple in terms of density and bending strength.  It allows for tip integrity (no fraying or splintering) while also still yielding ever so slightly in your hands, specifically among the smaller sizes.

The grey shading on the needles varies from tip to tip, giving the illusion of having been carefully rubbed and finished by hand.  The glossy finish allows the yarn to slide smoothly, without much friction or sticking.

There are  two Lykke Driftwood interchangeable kits available. The standard kit shown here retails for $125 and contains 5-inch tips in sizes from US 4 to US 17, along cords, keys and connectors.

We have a good amount in stock now, but they sell quickly,