Neko Needles

August 18, 2017

neko needles curved DPN  neko needles curved DPN with hat

What are those curved needles?  They're a new style of DPNs from Neko that are curved.  The bend in the needle allows the stitches to take a circular shape which means that only two needles are needed to hold the stitches while the third is used to knit around.  Instead of having to juggle five needles with traditional DPNs, you only have three with these.  They're great for socks and hats, especially baby hats which can sometimes be a tight fit around 16" needles.  And since you're already on DPNs, no need to switch needles as you do crown decreases on a hat.  They come in a range of sizes, so if you like to try new techniques, check these needles out!