New Years Knitting Resolutions

January 11, 2017

It's hard to believe it's 2017 already!  For us, 2016 was an amazing year.  There were some big, exciting changes at Nitro Knitters.  We're thankful for all of the wonderful customers that support Nitro.  We have a lot of fun inspiring you by having new store samples and yarns that feed our knitting addiction!  We're planning some fun things in 2017, so stay tuned! 

January is often called selfish knitting month - holiday knitting is over and we get a chance to knit things just for the fun of it.  Maybe there's a new skill you want to learn or a yarn you've been dying to try.  We have some amazing teachers that teach on a weekly basis at the store.  If you're looking for help on a project of your choice, check out our A-Z classes.  We have project based classes to expand and push your skills.  Want help with socks?  Meaghan teaches socks every Tuesday.

My January knitting will be all about finishing some projects that have been on the needles too long!  I view it as a personal responsibility to try out all the new yarns that come in to the store!  How else can I recommend them to you?  But that also means a lot of projects turn into UFOs.  

All of us at Nitro Knitters wish you a happy, healthy 2017 full of knitting!!

https://nitroknitters.com/products/12-01-knitting-a-z-for-socks-tuesdays-10-12pm    nanostitch lab scientific sock

Baby Surprise Jacket

August 11, 2016



The Baby Surprise Jacket has been a classic since it was written by Elizabeth Zimmerman in 1968.  It has puzzled and perplexed knitters with its very clever construction.  

Join Mary for expert help making the “Baby Surprise Jacket.”  She will take this classic knitting pattern and break it down into manageable steps and help you interpret the pattern.  Each week will have a specific portion of the sweater assigned to knit so that at the end of class everyone will have finished baby size sweater!  

Saturdays in September, 10-12pm