Hats for Veterans

January 14, 2017



Last week a customer brought to our attention a program that her nephew is doing for Veterans.  I can't put it in better words than she did!

"Troy, a medic with the military serving in Washington DC volunteers his time to veterans in Washington DC.  Because of his medical experience, he makes it possible for veterans with medical issues to have the opportunity to visit the museums and monuments that honor them and mean so much to them, by accompanying them on these adventures.  He also spends time with veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

"The age of the veterans he volunteers with are young men and women in their 20s through our remaining WW2 veterans.

"A close neighbor and friend of Troy's suggested this project, wanting to surprise him with hats to give to these veterans.  These hats will be going to Walter Reed Hospital patients.

"Thank you to everyone who takes the time and energy to knit a hat.  You are helping a special person in his efforts to improve someone's day."

We are encouraging people to knit hats of any color, size, style - women's or men's.  Washable, easy care yarn is best.  We have yarn and pattern suggestions if needed.  This is an ongoing effort to help support our veterans.

***UPDATE:  Troy was so touched by all of the hats donated that it brought a huge smile to both his face and his wife's!  They couldn't wait to give them to the veterans to bring a smile to their faces too.

 Hat pictured is Classic World War II Watch Cap knit out of Malabrigo Rios Quequay